jars of delight is committed to taking the sustainable path in a largely environmentally-unfriendly industry.  We consistently implement new methods of reducing waste, attend workshops highlighting eco-friendly practices, and form partnerships with like-minded businesses to decrease our carbon footprint.


Our produce are locally sourced

we use sustainable, organic, pesticide-free and antibiotic-free ingredients and products from farms in upstate New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and urban farms right here in New York City.


we recycle our jars

Glass mason jars are used on all catering orders and are reusable, recyclable and up-cyclable. Our customers love the innovative eating style and functionality of our jars.


Although We use strict food measuring, inventorying, and storing techniques to avoid food waste, it still happens. As a solution, we donate all food scraps to surrounding community gardens which is turned into compost.